Are you curious about making a work-related change, but not sure how to go about it?


You Are the Arrow

What is it?

You are the Arrow is a 4-week virtual coaching series specifically for those that want work to mean more and make a difference.

The series includes:

  • 4 – 1 hour targeted coaching sessions designed to focus on your unique professional development goals
  • Access to me via email and text daily at agreed upon times
  • Job related tools and resources like:
    • the latest on resumes and cover letters
    • getting noticed in the job application process
    • interviewing strategies
    • the role of social media

You’ll come away ready to take the next best step for you, whether that’s a new job search, a better approach to your current job, better life/work balance, or something uniquely applicable to you.

Session 1


Dig deep into what you want for your life and how that can shape your professional setting.

Session 2

Sight In

Consider what is most important about your vision and establish a specific focus.

Session 3


Set goals that are achievable and identify actions that will get you there.

Session 4

Take flight!

Put your hard work and what you’ve learned into action!

What others have to say about coaching with Fleche

“Shelly is an extremely caring and empathetic coach. She’s wonderful about putting herself in my shoes and tailoring small tasks/goals based off of what’s going on in my life. She is wonderful at breaking down what my dreams and aspirations are, even if I’m not sure how to communicate it. Our first meeting, I felt really awkward and timid to share what I wanted to do. She has never made me feel silly about this dream and started brainstorming how she thinks I can achieve it. I have been working with Shelly since November 2019. She has found ways for me to get outside my comfort zone in a realistic way. She has the heart of a teacher and has been such a wonderful supporter in what I chose to do.”

~ Baillye

“Shelly has been my coach and mentor for 2 years and has completely changed my life by making me challenge my own thoughts and limitations.

I’ve changed a lot thanks to her support – from a once shy, anxious girl who was comfortable where she was to a now strong, independent woman whose own dreams scare her.

Our potential is there hiding inside all of us, but Shelly has a way of pulling that potential into the light, providing the support needed during transformation and motivating you to continually fulfill your heart’s desire. If you’re ready to change your life for the better, Flèche is for you!”

~ Mackenzie, San Diego

Interested? Let’s talk

To find out more about the “You Are the Arrow” series and how coaching can help you move forward toward your best life, reach out and I’ll contact you.

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