At the intersection of concrete, proven coaching practices and ancient wisdom, you’ll find Fleche.

In fact, the name Fleche was inspired by the art of archery, which has roots in ancient times and yet archer’s now days have the same and yet highly technical archery equipment.  There is the mindfulness and physical discipline necessary, as well as the balanced equipment and accessories that improve the accuracy and precision of modern day archers.

I’ve created this space for those searching for a more direct path to their target/goal

• a non-judgmental guide through the process as you take aim toward the target that is most important to you.

• an accountability partner that can help you keep your promises to yourself and consider the necessary adjustments as you fine-tune your direction

• mentor, to help you align what you do with what you are here to do.

“I believe that each of us brings unique talents to our world and we are happiest and most fulfilled in our work when we use those talents in a way that has meaning for us and makes a difference in the world.”