Since last post, I’ve been thinking a lot about vision – literally and figuratively. It’s not just the inspiring bald eagle that landed in my backyard. In the last two weeks, I’ve also had eye surgery.

The truth is, I just wasn’t happy with my vision. It was interfering with parts of my life that that are important to me. I was unable to read close up without holding my glasses in JUST the right place. In low light, it was harder to see color distinctions and reading, even with glasses, was difficult. Everything was at least a little bit cloudy. And at night, the lights and the glare off the streets, especially in rain made things look hazy.

Until two weeks ago, I’d been using workarounds – glasses, extra light, and glasses again to cover up the eye makeup that I couldn’t see well enough to put on, much less know if it looked ok. (ugh!) But even then I still had trouble seeing certain distances. (Zoom meetings!)

As a life coach, small business consultant, researcher, mom, and human citizen of the world, sight is a big deal. It’s important for me to be able to see subtle expressions, details, read books, and process paperwork. It’s important for me to sit socially distanced at the center field fence and see my catcher throw a runner out at third. You get the picture. And you probably have your own.

For those of you who know me personally, having surgery before it was absolutely necessary may seem out of character for me. In truth, it was a very difficult decision to reach out for help. Before I decided, I spent a fair amount of researching options and thinking about it. Turning my eyes over to a surgeon was not just a difficult decision, but a leap of faith. 3 weeks later, my vision continues to improve as I take the time needed to let my eyes heal.

My sight IS important. AND it’s important to consider the vision of what I want my life to be like. In this case, vision (sight) and vision (future picture of my best self) came together.

What’s clouding your vision? Could you use some help sifting through resources and researching options so that you can see what’s ahead more clearly?