You Are the Arrow

A professional development coaching series to help you make your mark.

At the intersection of modern, proven coaching principles and the ancient practice of mindfulness, you’ll find Fleche.

In fact, the name Fleche was inspired by the art of archery, which originated around the Stone Age, and still exists today. The tools used by today’s archers are similar to those used in ancient times, but with modern, technological updates, allowing them to laser focus to an even higher degree of accuracy and efficiency. Fleche Coaching & Consulting, much like archery, cultivates mindfulness, physical and mental discipline, and balance in a way that marries skills and practices that have stood the test of time with those that have been studied by the latest research and science.

When you have an idea of what your life could look like, but aren’t sure how to get there, coaching with Fleche can be just what you need to:

  • Figure out what YOU really want for your life, without the distractions of what you think the world expects of you
  • Align your mindset with your vision so that your actions are intentionally taken in the direction you want to go
  • Build the momentum you need to get unstuck and move toward your best life

Turn the job you have into the job you love

Even if you’re frustrated with your current position, the place you really want to work may be the with the company you already commute to every day.

BEFORE you you hand in your resignation, download this FREE guide, How to turn the job you have into the job you love, and learn how you can find fulfillment without having to find another employer.

At it’s core, the coaching partnership guides clients toward insight and forward momentum. Fleche Coaching and Consulting provides an environment and framework to do just that.

A non-judgmental guide to walk beside you through a unique process designed to help you achieve what is most important to you.

An accountability partner to help you keep your promises to yourself and consider the necessary adjustments as you fine-tune your direction.

A mentor to connect you to internal and external resources as you gain the momentum you need to accomplish your goals.

What others have to say about coaching with Fleche

“Shelly has been my coach and mentor for 2 years and has completely changed my life by making me challenge my own thoughts and limitations.

I’ve changed a lot thanks to her support – from a once shy, anxious girl who was comfortable where she was to a now strong, independent woman whose own dreams scare her.

Our potential is there hiding inside all of us, but Shelly has a way of pulling that potential into the light, providing the support needed during transformation and motivating you to continually fulfill your heart’s desire. If you’re ready to change your life for the better, Flèche is for you!”

~ Mackenzie, San Diego

“Shelly is a great coach!  If you feel overwhelmed and too tired to even think about what might need to change, she’ll gently and patiently help you see what’s next.  Life coach or career coach, either one.  FRIEND for sure.”

~ Kathy Reece

“What a life changing experience! My plan was to get help with my business. What we quickly found out as we looked at my goals was that what I really needed to do was get my personal priorities in place and the business issues would take care of themselves. What a discovery! I’ve been a “self-improvement” guy all my life and thought I’d done a pretty good job of identifying my priorities. It’s amazing how an outside observer like Shelly can ask questions and challenge assumptions about things that had become invisible to me. She never pushed me to make decisions, but encouraged me to look inside myself for the answers that I already knew, but had overlooked or dismissed.

I started out trying to improve my business.  Shelly helped me improve myself.  As a result, both have benefitted. “

~ Steve

“Each of us is born with unique abilities and we are happiest and most fulfilled when we use those talents in a way that has meaning for us and makes a difference in our world.”

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